About us

We are a strong team of professionals with many years of experience in investment management and renewable energy.

Our strengths help us to achieve better results

We focus on renewable energy investments with long-term and stable cash flows, an attractive balance of risk and return, and resilience to fluctuations in the value of other asset classes.

Specialist investor in renewable energy

We aim to accelerate the region‘s transition to renewable sustainable energy by empowering local renewable energy developers and creating an institutional-level investment platform.

Qualified professionals

A competent team with exceptional experience in investment management, mergers and acquisitions, and technical expertise in the renewable energy sector.

Clear governance and regulation 

We are a licensed asset manager supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. The governance structure ensures high integrity, transparency, and alignment of interests.

Solid track record and results

We manage funds investing in solar and wind power plants in the Baltic States, Poland, and other Central European countries. Key team members have led some of the region's most significant renewable energy transactions, attracting leading global asset managers.

Regional expertise

Headquartered in Lithuania with close links to other Central European countries, we are at the heart of the industry and have a strong network of project developers, investors, banks, and other stakeholders.


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SFDR classification

Strong investment and risk management experience

We are a highly skilled and experienced team specialising in investment management, mergers and acquisitions, and possessing extensive technical expertise in the renewable energy sector.